Millionaire Tycoon Review for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

  • Publish Date : 25 December, 2013
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Millionaire Tycoon is a highly-addictive Monopoly-like dice board game available for the iPod Touch, iPhone and ipad. For months, this app has been in the Top10 list of most downloaded games in a series of countries for one good reason: its fun and engaging gameplay.

Millionaire Tycoon Gameplay and Features

The campaign mode of Millionaire Tycoon takes players to various cities where the main goal is to buy the most lucrative landmarks and streets and prevent competitors from doing so. Yes, it does sound a lot like Monopoly. The app developer has managed to keep the core notions from the famous board game while introducing a faster gameplay and a few twists. Amongst those twists are the introduction of an in-game shop and various random events.

The shop allows you to buy items which facilitate progress in the game by. Example, manipulating the dice. Adversely affect the other players’ bank accounts or plots. Various random items also frequently appear on the board. Landing on a tile with a black cat for example, makes the affected player pay twice the normal amount when buying new plots or landing on another player’s property for five turns.

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A mini-game can also be played when landing on the appropriate tiles. While being a bit repetitive, it allows players to use their device’s accelerometer in order to catch falling coins and therefore increase their bank account.

New cities are unlocked every time a game has been won in a previous city. Larger cities offer a special kind of shop which allows players to buy motorcycles or cars in order to throw multiple dices and therefore reach destinations faster.

Technical Glitches and Bugs from Millionaire Tycoon

Unfortunately, the game is rarely updated and technical glitches tend to happen quite frequently. The recent release of iOS4 has created a particularly nasty bug which prevents players from loading or saving games. Doing so will simply make the app crash and take the player back to the home screen.

Additionally, the game doesn’t support wi-fi multiplayer games. It does however offer a “pass-and-play”. Option which can accommodate up to four different players.

Final Thoughts on Millionaire Tycoon

Apart from those unfortunate glitches, Millionaire Tycoon is a cheap and highly entertaining fast-paced title. It offers a faster gameplay than the traditional Monopoly app which is more suitable to mobile use.

Upgrade packs with additional cities as well as a new mini-game are also available in the in-game shop.

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