Getting your iPhone Apps and iPad Application to Apple App Store via Development – Part 1

  • Publish Date : 24 December, 2013
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Having an App idea? Do you want it in iPhone and iPad both? Well, this article will help you in deciding about the same and also will provide you with the information on famous iPhone Apps Development and iPad

Christmas Is Black Friday for Apps Amid Download Record
When Walt Disney Co. (DIS) began considering the best time to release an iPad version of its popular online kids game "Club Penguin" this year, only one date came to mind. "It was all designed to lead up to Christmas," said Chris Heatherly, the head of Club Penguin. Disney anticipates getting about half of its yearly subscribers for the virtual-world game during the week of Christmas-- and especially on the holiday itself. "It's definitely our prime time," he said. Disney's strategy illustrates how Christmas has become the most lucrative day of the year for makers of mobile applications, in what is now the equivalent of a Black Friday for retailers or a Cyber Monday for e-commerce companies. That's because Dec. 25 is the day that people take the wraps off gifts of tablets and smartphones-- immediately spurring many to download games, productivity tools and other apps from Apple Inc. (AAPL)'s App Store and Google Inc. (GOOG)'s Play store. This Christmas is projected to set another record for app downloads, following 328 million downloads last Dec. 25-- the busiest day ever-- and 36 percent above 2011, according to analytics firm Flurry. According to a Harris survey commissioned by mobile-app and website-testing company Soasta, 30 percent of Americans plan to download an app on Dec. 25. "One of the first things you do when you get a shiny new present is you want to take it for a test run," said Marcos Sanchez, vice president at App Annie, a company that measures app downloads. "It's the magical trifecta of something new, time to waste and wanting to fill your time with fun stuff.". Developers Prepare. While many developers like Disney plan all year for a Christmas rush, a final blitz comes in the last few weeks. Apple's offices close between Dec. 21 and Dec. 27, leading app makers to rush to get their updates submitted and approved before the deadline. A plug from Apple on the front page of the App Store guarantees a flood of downloads. Apple said earlier this year that 2 billion apps were downloaded last December, a monthly record. Tom Neumayr, a spokesman for the...

Application Development companies like Morpheous and how they'll help you to get your apps idea converted into reality and developed. I'll also provide you information on the things you need to upload your
app to the app store and also what type of account you need to choose at the time of opening an iOS Developer account.
So, let’s assume that you've a very nice idea for iPhone or iPad and looking out for the company like ours Morpheous. To begin with we'll go through the information you've sent and will provide you proper
time and cost estimation or will ask you queries if there are any. Once we agree on the mentioned info, we'll start the development and will provide you updates on the progress of your iPhone Apps Development
or iPad Application Development. Now come to the question of having an account of your own on Apple. Why this is needed? Well, this is called iOS Developer account and this is needed to upload your apps to

Apple App Store to sell it or give it for free. Without this you'll not be able to put your apps to public.
Now, there are 2 types of accounts, one is iOS Developer program which will cost you $99 and another is Apple Enterprise Program. This will cost you $299 a year. If your iPhone Apps Development or iPad
Application Development idea is for your company or your dealers or you want it only to be available to the selected group only and don't want it to be for public download, than you should go for enterprise
program. And if you're having built any commercial iPhone Apps or iPad Application, than you've to have iOS developer program. This will have you register for 1 year and then you need to renew the
subscription else your app will no longer be available for download on app store.
In my nest article I'll provide you more information on what you'll need to have your Apps uploaded on the app store and how iPhone Apps Development and iPad Application Development companies like Morpheous
can help you in doing that. Tell than wish you luck from Team Morpheous.

We, Morpheous are developing innovative, high-quality mobile app and game development Company. Our app developer provide quality and cost effective solution for iphone apps development and iPad application development.

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